Veterinary Vlog: Episode 6 – Dexta’s story

Veterinary Vlog: Episode 6 - Dexta's story

(WARNING - contains graphic surgical images)

Dexta has been a regular patient of mine over the past 9 months. She has been in to see me more times than I can count and she has been through FOUR operations with two of them being major procedures. Her skin cancer diagnosis hasn't gotten her down, she is still very happy and full of mischief when she comes in to the clinic.

If you follow me on Snapchat then you will be familiar with her story and this vlog is a compilation of her Snapchat features.

And remember, if you would like too see more of my patients and their stories head over the Bondi Vet website and vote for me to be the next Bondi Vet!

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