Veterinary Vlog: Episode 3 – Frenchie Puppies at the vet

Veterinary Vlog: Episode 3 - Frenchie puppies at the vet

There is only one thing that I love more than frenchie puppies at the vet, and that is when they are there to see ME! I was really lucky last week when I had the pleasure of examining 7 happy and healthy puppies.

To go back to the beginning, I knew these puppies before they were even born. I had the pleasure of witnessing them kicking in their mum's belly, had the joy of seeing their little heart beats on the ultrasound and the honor of welcoming them into the world via a Cesarean section when their mum was going to struggle to give birth to such a big litter.

For those of you who follow me on Snapchat you would have shared many of these milestones with me. Actually, it was that Cesarean that inspired me to purchase a GoPro so that next time there is such a big surgery I am able to document it. This cute little video was my first attempt at using the GoPro at work. There were a few teething issues - like I didn't expect to be doing a time-lapse video - but in the end it worked out brilliantly.

So if you are like me and love puppies enjoy!

Oh, and this won't be the last that you'll be seeing of these guys - they have already been featuring heavily on my Instagram feed making me question if all I do is cuddle frenchie puppies all day long


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