Veterinary Vlog: Episode 2 – 5 Pet Dental Disease Myths

Dr Belinda's Veterinary Vlog Episode 2 - 5 Pet Dental Disease Myths

With some degree of dental disease affecting 80% of dogs and cats over 3 years old dental disease is something I see on a daily basis. My own boy Jack has had a long history of dental disease, followed by treatment, followed by dental disease, followed by treatment.

Dental disease comes back, especially if we are not doing any prophylactic treatments to help slow down the recurrence of the problem. Think about it, if you brushed your teeth one day and then simply never brushed them again how do you think your teeth would cope? Not well, they would probably become horribly infected, very painful and they would fall out. It's not too dissimilar in pets.

There are a lot of myths surrounding dental disease so I thought I would try vlogging about my "top 5". It was also an excuse to get my snapchat filters on...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. If you think you pet could be suffering from dental disease the best thing to do is book in an appointment to see you vet and get their mouth checked. Dental disease is painful and silently debilitating. Give you pet the gift of good health and a pain free mouth 🙂

Tell me about your experience with pet dental disease below


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