Veterinary Vlog: Episode 10 – Kendrick eats a sock & Emily needs an emergency caesarean

Veterinary Vlog: Episode 10 - Kendrick eats a sock & Emily needs a caesarean

Wednesday 24th January 2018 was no ordinary Wednesday. It started out much like any other Wednesday. I was busy in the office making plans for our Wednesday meeting and training session. My head nurse, practice manager and I were discussing the nurse roster and filling our vacant positions. All was well until one hour before the meeting was due to start.

Dr Stella came to me to let me know she had a 12 week old puppy (Kendrick) who ate a large sock yesterday and had been vomiting and unwell this morning. Quickly our plans changed from meetings to radiographs and an exploratory laparotomy.

From this point the afternoon seemed to descend into chaos with three vets fully booked with four hours of consulting and a phone call midway through consults that Emily was having trouble giving birth and would need to come in. We quickly established that medical management alone would not save Emily's puppy and so we got her prepared for surgery and off we went into an emergency caesarean.

The veterinary vlog below captures the action as we retrieve socks and puppies. Enjoy!

Warning: Graphic surgical content ahead


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