Instagram gallery June 2014


I love instagram - I try to up load a picture every day. I love looking at some many adorable animals and see them having fun at home. A few of my patients even have instagram so I'm thrilled to be able to follow them as well. So, without further ado, here is the month of June so far on instagram.


 Instagram gallery June 2014


26th June:  TBT My dad & my first dog Jodie back in the 1970's.



25th June: Meet Zac, one of my regular acupuncture patients



23rd June: Meet Bubbles, the clinic fish!



22nd June: Feeling quite proud of this birthday cake that I made my daughter - it is Elsa from the movie Frozen



21st June: Jack was begging me to drop some chocolate crackles for him - sorry Jack, no chance!



20th June: This gorgeous kitten is looking for his furever home at Epping Veterinary Clinic



19th June: Jack his the jackpot and has been given some SavourLife treats to review!



18th June: Gorgeous Alley the Beagle visits for a post op check after I removed a tumour form her liver. Fortunately a pre-anaesthetic blood test has potentially saved her life because without it we wouldn't have known to do an abdominal ultrasound. This meant that she could have surgery when she was still well!



17th June: Sascha the Samoyed has a little snore during her recovery from her desexing operation



17th June: Toes, gorgeous little cat toes



16th June: Jack was busted with a raw hide chew on the couch, one that he had previously buried and then shoved in my handbag...



14th June: My walking buddy Ruby was in hospital with an upset tummy



12th June: Roxy the sweet sleepy Cocker Spaniel puppy LOVE




11th June: Samoyed Selfie Madness

10th June: Gorgeous Bryce came in for an acupuncture treatment today. Such a sweet boy


9th June: I've got my little helper with me this morning. Jack is supervising my painting

8th June: This is how I feel this morning. Yawn. Can I go back to bed? Please...


5th June: I loved this little guy so much. You just can't help but smile when you see this face! 


3rd June: Handsome Pepper came in to be castrated today. Gorgeous boy recovered very well from his anaesthetic. 


1st June: Adorable Penny and Amelia at the dogs day out. They were so happy to be out and about exploring. Such happy girls! 


1st June: Gorgeous Momo was at the #taloodles dogs day out today. This brave little pup had hip surgery just a few weeks ago. It's so good to see him happy again! 


1st June: My nurses and I had a great time at the #taloodles dogs day out today. They provide therapy and assistance dogs like Archie to families with children or adults with disabilities. For more info about taloodles visit 


1st June: Mia and Mya 


1st June: Max


1st June: Daisy and Bianca


1st June: Come down to see us at the #taloodles dogs day out!


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  1. Amy

    Oh what an awesome idea! Instagram is good fun and I find my Insta style has more freedom than normal photography. It’s more about capturing life in the moment!

    Thanks for this awesome idea, I’m totally going to add this segment to my own blog. I also might share my favourite photos from those who I’m following.

    • Dr Belinda Parsons

      Thanks Amy. I love Instagram too. Great idea about sharing other peoples photos too!

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