How to collect urine from your dog

How to catch canine liquid gold...


Do you reach for the waterproof pants & raincoat when we ask you to collect a urine sample from your pet? These are my tips and tricks to make a messy task a little more manageable.


This is generally a two person job. One person is the “walker” and the other is the “catcher”.


5 steps to urine collection

1. Flip a coin & decide who is the “catcher”

2. Find a clean, dry and empty plastic container (we use kidney dishes but generally recommend empty take away containers that have been cleaned thoroughly)

3. Take your dog for walk around the garden or down the street if they normally urinate on a walk and catcher be ready!

4. Keep your eyes on high alert for your dog starting to urinate and get that container under them as quickly at you can. (Girl dogs go between the back legs, boy dogs approach from the side as they cock their leg).  We only need 2-3mls to carry out a urine test so don’t worry about filling up the sample jar.

5. Transfer the sample from the container into the urine pot

 dog urine

Remember if you can’t get the sample into the clinic immediately place it in the fridge until you can drop it off.


If we need to collect a sample for culture and sensitivity we may recommend  that we need to collect a cystocentesis sample. This involves collecting a urine sample directly from the bladder using a needle.


 So I hope this has been helpful! How do you manage to extract liquid gold from your dog? What works and what doesn't?


Urine - play catch

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