Chocolate for pets?

Wishing you all a very happy Easter!


I just want to remind you that chocolate is toxic to pets, but very safe for your vets... So this means if you've got extra chocolate lying around at home and were considering giving it to your pet, why not give it to you vet/vet nurse/vet tech instead?


I must admit though, I've never had the problem of extra chocolate lying around at home, I've always dealt with it myself 🙂

Chocolate for pets? NO


Chocolate can cause seizures and death in our pets so it is so important NOT to fed it to them. If you dog gets into the chocolate please take them to your vet immediately to induce vomiting. If you're not sure how much they have eaten, it's best to call your vet and seek advice. This means calling immediately even if it is the middle of the night, so hop on the phone to the nearest after hours vet clinic.


Chocolate for pets is a big NO NO - it can cause seizures and death!
Chocolate for pets is a big NO NO - it can cause seizures and death!


However, chocolate for vets? YES


What about your vet? Can they eat chocolate? Why yes, yes they can. This vet in particular has quite a sweet tooth, particularly when it comes to chocolate.


Chocolate is NOT toxic to vets!
Chocolate is NOT toxic to vets!


And just in case you didn't quite get the message. Here is a short video...




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  1. LOL Our vets typically complained when give chocolate (he’s watching his weight for health reasons). So we give things such as donations, calendar (of their patient, of course), calming music for dogs, last gift was a parking spot sign “Veterinarian parking only, violators will be neutered.”

    • LOL all of our staff lose weight when we’re on holidays because we’re not constantly eating the chocolate that comes through the door. I love those ideas as presents. That is so nice. I particularly like the “violators will be neutered” – if in doubt cut them out! hahaha
      One of my clients years ago gave me a really nice dog shaped cooking timer for my acupuncture patients. I use it for every acupuncture patient I see to time how long the needles need to stay in. I can tell you any little gift and note means so much to us vets. I’ve kept all of the letters and cards that clients have sent to me over the years.

  2. Love it. Chocolate for vets, not for pets. 🙂

    –Woofs and purrs from Life with Dogs and Cats

    • admin

      Thanks Susan & the gang. I hope you all had a great Easter.

  3. Lucky you and my mom and my dad, you can all have chocolate but not me… I am sure I’d love chocolate as well, but I may not even taste a tiny little bite, my mom says,

    • admin

      You’re mum is spot on! No chocolate for dogs. Sending you lots of pats this Easter!

  4. I love the “chocolates for vets – YES!” Cute!

    • admin

      Thanks Michele! I hope you had a great Easter!

  5. Great message, I’ll have to remember to bring chocolates for my vet next visit!

    • admin

      They’ll be very happy with you if you do 🙂
      I hope you all had a great Easter!

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