Dental information for pet owners

So, you've been in to see your vet and they have diagnosed your pet with dental disease... now what? Do you know what to expect when they go in the veterinary hospital?


My boy Jack has had many dentals over the years (I clean his teeth every 1-2 years depending on how his dental health is going). He had two dentals in the last 6 months which was a little more than expected but it was what he needed.


I always recommend a pre-anaesthetic blood test prior to a dental procedure (which is what I have always done for my boy Jack - even when he was a young man and again now that he's a serious senior citizen of the pet world at 17.5 years old).


I know it can be scary when we recommend extractions for your dog or cat but believe me it is much better to have the diseased tooth/teeth removed than for your pet to live with the pain and risk that comes from leaving rotten teeth in their mouth.


Dental treatments and diagnostics have come a long way in the past few years so as we learn more and more about dental health in our pets our recommendations will change and evolve. Fortunately dental radiographs (xrays) are becoming more the done thing in practices throughout Australia. I feel negligent if I am unable to offer my clients dental xrays. Fortunately the hospital where I now work is very PRO dental health.


The handout below is pre-operative dental information that I have given my clients in the past when I have recommended a dental. Any questions please ask


Dental information


Has your pet had a dental recently? What was their experience like?

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