New Kitten? What you need to know!

Congratulations  you are welcoming a new member into your family. Such an exciting time for you all. Now, what do you know need to know?  Let's break it down!



Now, I'm a big advocate for animal adoption. There are so many kittens and cats in particular looking for homes that find themselves impounded or in animal shelters. Whilst most of these shelters do the best they can, living in a shelter is a far cry from living in your home surrounded by love and affection.

Nearly all of the veterinary practices that I have worked for have cat adoption programs with kittens and cats looking for homes. The benefit of rescuing a cat or kitten from a shelter or cat adoption program is that they will often come fully vaccinated and desexed. This not only saves you money but also saves a life and prevents more kittens being born into similar situations.


In fact, the veterinary hospital where I work currently has FOUR kittens looking for their furever homes - I have featured them in this post to help them find homes. They all come desexed and microchipped and up to date with their vaccinations, worming and flea treatments. If you think there is room at your place for an adorable long term companion please contact Great Western Animal Hospital on 02 9631 9322.


 What your new kitten needs:

Your new kitten



1. Collar & name tag - this may save your kitten from being taken to the pound if they happen to go wandering.

2. Scratching post - now I know you don't want your furniture ruined. However, even if you buy a fancy scratching post doesn't mean your kitten will use it. Remember to play with them on the scratching post and give them plenty of positive attention for scratching where you want them to be.

3. New bed - your adorable new kitten is going to need somewhere to sleep - cats love hidey holes & high shelves. Sometimes the best bed is simply a box with a soft blanket.

4. Carry cage - it is important that when you need to travel with your cat (for example going to the vet) that you have a safe carry cage to transport your new family member in.


Do you want more information about what your new kitten needs?

Click here to read through Royal Canin's interactive kitten booklet. It provides a more detailed look into how to prepare your home for new addition, how to choose the kitten that is right for you and more.



Thank you to Royal Canin for sponsoring this post. All views are my own and I wish you all of the best of the adventure that is owning a kitten! Be sure to share you pictures of your new furbabies with me via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat).

Safe a life adopt a kitten

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