30 Reasons Veterinarians need Veterinary Nurses

This vet nurses day I want to say a great big thank you to amazing nurses who work with me. We are a very busy practice in Sydney and each of my nurses do a brilliant job at looking after our patients and taking care of our seven veterinarians – without you we would be lost. So this one is for you!


30 Reasons Veterinarians need Veterinary Nurses


  1. Veterinarians are RUBBISH when it comes to time management – without our nurses reminding us what we should be doing we’ll be walking around the clinic aimlessly getting nothing done
  2. Veterinarians can’t do it all – we like to think we can but really we can’t, we need your help
  3. Appointments would never get booked and when they did it would be at the wrong time on the wrong dayNothing beats our team of nurses and receptionists who always smile even when we have a temporary reception area in the office during renovations
  4. Animals would never get the medications on time
  5. Blood tests would never get run – as vets would be too busy trying to work out how to book the next appointment in the scheduleBlood tests would never get run with such style if it wasn't for vet nurses
  6. Have you ever seen two vets try to anaesthetise a patient? Not pretty – we’re all thumbs and who ties the tube in anyway?
  7. Patients would be missing out on so much love and cuddles and that goes a very long way to making them feel betterVet nurses give patients the best cuddles!
  8. Pet parents would be getting minimal updates and would be left wondering how their pet was coping
  9. Can you imagine the disaster that would be the boarding booking schedule?
  10. Puppy vaccinations – who would distract the gorgeous puppies from my big pointy needle?Vet nurses give the best cuddles to distract puppy's from our sharp pointy needles
  11. Anaesthetic machine maintenance? What is that?
  12. Setting up dental radiographs – I’ve got no idea, I might be able to use the camera but when it comes to the tech side I’m lost
  13. “Did Timmy get his meds?” would be a greater mystery than any Inspector Morse episode
  14. I would never find my dental goggles again (chances are they are on my head but I still can’t find them)Where are my dental goggles - on your head. why vets needs vet nurses
  15. When Jenny calls, I won’t know which Jenny it is but she’ll know every detail of my life… how do you receptionists do it? Recognise the client based on a name and three words – “Hi, it’s Jenny” and you’ve pretty much got her file up before she’s finished.
  16. Patient haircuts would become rather interesting – it’s never good when vets get let loose with the clippers. How do you make the lines so straight? Seriously, do you use a ruler?Never let vets do a groom
  17. The fun factor would be significantly reduced if no one was asking “how much would you need to be paid to taste/lick…?” (insert abscess, urine, anal gland muck etc)
  18. The dental xray conga line would be very short (and nowhere near as fun!)
  19. Who would bling up the patient’s bandages so that they got increased sympathy cuddles at home?
  20. Veterinarians would become the latest chew toys and scratching posts for cranky cats and dogsReason 1
  21. Sick day numbers would skyrocket as veterinarians required stress leave
  22. The gowns would be wrapped backwards and inside out (hang on, that might actually be the right way. I'm not sure!)
  23. I’m pretty sure once we ran out of sterile kits we would be stuck. How does the autoclave work anyway
  24. Uh oh – we’ve got an ex lap to do, who is going to scrub in and assist me with my surgery? We need more hands!reason 31
  25. Can you imagine how long our consultations would become without your assistance? If I’m having to collect blood, catch urine, run the blood work, diagnose the problem and assess the patient all within a 15 minute consultation? Hello hour long waits.
  26. Weight loss revisits would be interesting – how many vets does it take to work out the amount of food a dog needs to lose 10% of their body weight and over how long???
  27. Who would laugh at us when we express anal glands all over ourselves or catch urine in our hand because we forgot to get the kidney dish?reason 11 your vet is smiling
  28. What would we do when the dental light breaks -  we never would have come up with using vetwrap to attach a phone to the original light with the torch on so that we can still adjust it as normal! Brilliant! Thank you Kelly!dental light broken - no problem
  29. Anaesthetic charts would never get filled in… what time was the cefazolin given? Mystery!
  30. Who would be the veterinarian’s best friend on two legs?Reason 32

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