Dr Belinda – The New Bondi Vet…

Dr Belinda - The New Bondi Vet...

I've made it into the Top 50 in the search for the next Bondi Vet. There is some pretty tough competition out there but I've got some pretty convincing reasons why I should be take the reins from Dr Chris Brown. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

  1. I make my already adorable patients into unicorns with the help of acupunctureNew Bondi Vet makes Tod into an Acupuncture Unicorn
  2. My veterinary superpower is resilience - now that's bound to come in handy having a public profile New Bondi Vet - My veterinary super power is resilience (4)
  3. I don't let a little wee get in the way of a great pictureNew Bondi Vet - Still smiling
  4. I want to use my profile for the good of the veterinary community and shed light on the ever so important topic of mental healthNew Bondi Vet - Talking mental health
  5. I know it takes a team to help keep our furkids healthy and I have no desire to pretend that I am a one woman band.New Bondi Vet - it takes a team
  6. Our daughters, sisters, cousins, aunties, nieces need strong female role models to show them that if they want they can be a mum, a vet, a boss and a kick-ass leader.New Bondi Vet - Be a Role Model
  7. Did I mention acupuncture? I perform acupuncture!New Bondi Vet - Acupuncture
  8. I'm not afraid to share a bit of me when it comes to inspiring our future veterinarians. If sharing my struggles can help them to struggle less then I'll do it without hesitation. New Bondi Vet - Talking about depression
  9. Because education is key to improving the quality of lives of our pets. Judgement and criticism get us nowhere.New Bondi Vet - Consult room
  10. I come up with great slogans like - "Chocolate for pets? No! Chocolate for vets? Yes"New Bondi Vet - Catchy slogans
  11. I face swapped with a patient during their blood pressure check - we were both killing time whilst the machine was doing it's magic.New Bondi Vet - Face Swapping Vet
  12. I love the challenge of visiting a preschool and talking to 3, 4 and 5 year olds about what it means to be a vet and how to be safe around animals.New Bondi Vet - working with pets and kids
  13. I will never talk someone out of being a vet, I always encourage it. I'm not jaded by this profession and I believe that so much good comes from it.New Bondi Vet - Puppies!
  14. Did I mention my Samoyed patients? I am the proud Auntie to 5 sensational Samoyeds.New Bondi Vet - Samoyed Family
  15. I have celebrity pet endorsements galore! Be sure to go forth and follow these adorable pets!New Bondi Vet - Instafamous pets

So now all that is left is to follow these three steps:

  1. Sign up to www.bondivet.com
  2. Verify your email address
  3. Vote for Dr Belinda Parsons

Dr Belinda - New Bondi Vet

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