Introducing The CATMANDO!

I had lots of fun writing from a cat's perspective last week to post the first Catmando workout. Since then I've kind of taken the idea and run with it (or gone slightly mad). We have an adorable little kitten named River at work who is looking for his furever home. I was auditioning for the Catmando at work and well lets just say it was a no-brainer. River is young (15 weeks old), athletic and covered in tattoo's (not really - I added those using picmonkey). A perfect fit!


So without further ado, drum roll please... introducing.... THE CATMANDO!


Introducing the catmando


Now, the Catmando has a couple of special skills...


Catmando pushup


He also has a message for his soon to be followers...


Get catmando fit


And finally - he wants to know who you think is cuter... The Catmando or The Commando...


Comanndo vs catmando 1


And finally...


Tattoo edition


The pictures of Commando Steve have come from his Facebook page - thanks Commando! You can follow him here


And of course he can't sign off without posting his second CATMANDO workout! Apparently it's hard work being a Catmando model...


Catmando Workout 2


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5 Responses

  1. What a sweet heart!! xox

  2. I had to stop myself from laughing too loud at my desk. What a hilarious way to feature a pet that’s looking for a home. It really shows off his unique personality.

    You should add this blog post to the Tuesday Tails Blog Hop. It’s hosted by Dogs N Pawz and Talking Dogs and is all about featuring a shelter pet. You can find the blog hop here ->

    • Thanks Amy! I’m glad you liked it – I had a lot of fun writing it. Fortunately he’s found a home with one of our lovely clients from work. I’ll definitely look at the blog hop – I tried before I went on holidays but my internet was on the blink then I spent the weekend in Tassie disconnected (mostly) from the world.

  3. Love the way you featured River but more importantly, so glad he found a forever home!!! Thanks for joining the blog hop and hope to see you here again!

    • Thank you! He’s landed on his feet at his new home. I know his new family as their previous cat was a patient of mine. They love him to bits and are photographers and have already been sharing some great pictures of him happy at home with us!

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