Dr Belinda’s Veterinary Vlog: Episode 14 – Ollie’s 3T’s visit. Testicles, Teeth and Toes

Dr Belinda's Veterinary Vlog: Episode 14 – Ollie’s 3T’s visit. Testicles, Teeth and Toes.

Cavoodle Ollie had a big day in the veterinary hospital undergoing his neutering operation, the amputation of his hind dew claws and the extraction of his retained deciduous canine tooth. Follow his day from start to finish.

Watch how brave Ollie is for his blood test, find out what happens behind the scenes during your pet’s neutering operation if they are one of my patients and see how Fear Free handling techniques make your pet’s visit to the vet much less stressful.

Big thank you to Ollie and his family for allowing me to care for him and share his surgical story with you all.


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  1. Oh, he’s a cutie. Nice vlog. The toe amputations actually forbidden here in Denmark if there’s not a medical issue. Just curious: Is tha commun practise in Australia?
    It’s nice that you share you’re work so openly. Thanks /Soren

    • Hi Soren,
      That’s really interesting about toe amputations being forbidden in Denmark. We are that way about tail amputations – must have a medical reason and fill in a registry.
      Hind limb dew claws are fairly regularly removed at desexing – it’s not done for cosmetic reasons but to eliminate the risk of them getting caught and causing problems. For some reason hind limb dew claws are for more common to get caught and torn in my experience. It is quite rare to remove forelimb due claws though unless they are a serial offender when it comes to catching and tearing the nail. Thanks for your comment. It has really got me thinking about the ethics of dew claw removal. I might have to look into the reasoning behind why it’s forbidden in Denmark.
      I love showing off what happens behind the scenes at the vet.
      Dr Belinda

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