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What’s your FIRST Call when your dog swallows something they shouldn’t have?

What’s your F+RST Call when your dog swallows something they shouldn’t have?

Picture the scene, you come around the corner, you dog has a gym sock in their mouth. Before you can draw breath to say “drop it”, woosh, the sock is swallowed whole. Uh oh. Now what? It seems to be an unwritten law that dogs...
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Dr Belinda’s Veterinary Vlog: Episode 15 – Acupuncture on old man Jake


14 year old Jake is one of my favourite patients. He comes in every 3 weeks for his regular acupuncture treatments. Have you every wondered how I am able to place up to 20 acupuncture needles into my patients? Or wondered how well they...
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Veterinary Vlog: Episode 11 – Grommet’s Caesarean; Meet Octomum!

Veterinary Vlog: Episode 11 - Grommet's Caesarean; Meet Octomum!

It's all hands on deck when Grommet, the dog, comes in for a caesarean! I knew from previous experience that Grommet was going to have a big litter and on this day we were not disappointed. This is a behind the scenes look at what happens when we need...
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Veterinary Vlog: Episode 9 – Recap 2017

Veterinary Vlog: Episode 9 - Recap 2017

From puppies to pyometras, 2017 has been a year full of adorable patients, making sore mouths feel better, helping Frenchie's breathe better, introducing a new family member, appointments with veterinary behaviourists and many many laughs. I am looking forward to sharing more of my patients stories and what it means...
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