Love your pet day – an open letter to Jack

Today, February 20th is Love Your Pet Day. In my house, everyday is love my Jackamo day. Love your pet day is about giving your pet a bit of extra love and spending time with them and thinking about ways you can improve their lives. Being a vet, regular vet visits has to be at the top of my list of important ways you can show your pet how much you love them. Preventative care is essential when it comes to keeping your pets happy and healthy for as long as possible.

To mark this occasion, I've written an open letter to my boy Jack. Without further ado, here is my letter.

Love your pet day


Dear jack


How are you going to spend love your pet day?

It was my wonderful blogging friends who came up with the idea to write open letters to our pets to celebrate Love Your Pet Day. If aren't already I would strongly suggest that you follow these wonderful Aussie pet bloggers and have a read over what their pets mean to them:

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6 Responses

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  2. Oh Belinda, such beautiful promises to your sweet senior Jack. Hoping he has many many many more happy and wonderful times with you yet. No doubt that he will have incredible care with you.

    • Thanks Kerry. I keep wishing that he will live forever but I know it’s not meant to be. But let’s hope I’ll be writing him a letter again next year 🙂

  3. […] and Dr Belinda the Vet has written a beautiful letter to her little old man, Jackamo. […]

  4. You are one lucky guy Jack and your Mum is one lucky lady to have you.
    Have to love the lots of love from those little humans don’t ya

    • Thanks Bodhi. Yes, those small humans… bless them, they love me but sometimes just a little too enthusiastically.

  5. Amy

    Sorry I’m a bit late in stopping by! LOVED your letter. A couple of things struck a chord because Chowski was there through losing my dad and getting engaged to my partner as well.

    I read it and think of all the wonderful memories that dogs can be a part of. My eyes got a bit teary since I know that Jack is getting on in age 🙂 Everyone needs to see that they don’t need to fear their pet getting old. They never change – just a little slower with more grey hair.

  6. Aw, this was wonderful! So clear how much Jackamo means to you! He has been there through every big event in your life it seems 🙂 A beautiful letter, thank you for sharing!

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