Dr Belinda’s Daily Vetlife 005 – Bearded Dragon

bearded dragon

Dr Belinda's Daily Vetlife 005 - Bearded Dragon at the Vet

So I got pretty excited last week. We had a Bearded Dragon come in as a stray! It was the first time that I had really got to look at one of these guys up close. They are just as cool as I'm sure you would imagine them to be.

Everyone in the hospital was pretty excited about him. They were all taking turns in holding him, but by far the best story was that of my after hours nurse who was so committed to ensuring that he had the right food to eat that she caught a cricket in her house and fed it to him.

The next day she took it one step further and killed a cockroach for him that was scurrying across the floor!!!! I just loved that commitment!

I on the other hand was busy calling myself a "dragon vet", which lead me to daydream about the possibility of being called in to look after Daenerys Stormborn's dragons from Game of Thrones. My feeling was along with everything else in that series that it probably wouldn't have been a favourable outcome for me...

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