Dr Belinda’s Daily Vetlife 003 – Dog skin cancer, Dexta’s story

Dr Belinda's Daily Vetlife - Dog Skin Cancer - Dexta's story

How cute is Dexta! Dexta with an A. She is a gorgeous and regular patient of mine. Sadly I am treating her for skin cancer.

Unfortunately she has a propensity for sun baking. Due to her light colour and sparce belly hair it has lead to her developing solar dermatitis and consequently both cutaneous haemangiosarcomas and squamous cell carcinomas. I have already operated on her twice.

She is going to require another operation to remove two large areas of solar dermatitis. This will require a skin flap so I will be getting in a surgeon from Sydney Uni in to complete the procedure for her. (I know my limitations 😉).

In the picture below there are two areas of solar dermatitis which will require surgical resection. They are labelled 1 & 2. Given the large area they involve she will require skin flaps to close the deficit that surgery will leave behind. Area 3 is where I removed a squamous cell carcinoma from her approximately 4 week ago.

We have been instructed by the veterinary oncologist to continue removing lesions as they arise. She has also been placed on an anti-inflammatory long term (Piroxicam) which also has anti-neoplastic effects. Believe it or not this is Dexta's skin looking pretty good.

Dog skin cancer - Dexta's belly

I'll keep you posted on her progress. She is currently wearing a t-shirt and shorts to keep her protected from further sun damage. I can't wait to see a picture of her all dressed up 😆 I'll be sure to keep you posted on Snapchat when she is in for surgery.

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