Dr Belinda’s Daily Vetlife 004

Holding Frenchie Puppies is harder than it looks! It's loads of fun too!!!

Dr Belinda's Daily Vetlife - Holding Frenchie Puppies is harder than I would have first thought!

So on Tuesday I had the pleasure of vaccinating and providing health checks for 7 happy little French Bulldog puppies. As I'm one never to miss a photo opportunity I decided that there was a challenge that I just had to take. That challenge was to hold 7 Frenchie puppies. Holding Frenchie Puppies is harder than it looks. I actually had to have a lesson from Lauren their human mum on how to appropriately stack the puppies in my arms so that I could hold them.

Apparently the best way to go is get the chunky puppies in your arms first and gradually stack them from there. So holding 7 puppies takes skills. I'm more than happy to keep practising 😂😂😉

Here is the finished product - I got 6 out of the 7 puppies in my arms and all of them in the photo. I'll take that as a win

Holding Frenchie Puppies

I'll be sure to keep you posted on Snapchat when I see these cheeky monsters. I'm also editing some vlog footage of these guys so keep an eye out for that too.

If you want to see more of these puppies check out Vlog 3 - Frenchie puppies at the Vet 

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