Dr Belinda’s Daily Vetlife 002

FORL Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesion Vetlife

Today's vetlife - Check out this massive feline odontoclastic resorptive lesion (FORL).


On Monday I was presented with a cat who had a very sore mouth. She was typical of most cats and didn't really want her furparents to open her mouth. They noticed that she had been drooling more and a little off her food so they decided to act together and check her teeth. They were shocked by what they sore and immediately booked an appointment so I could see her. I looked in her mouth, found a high degree of dental disease and because she had been fasted we were able to go straight into surgery so that she wouldn't have to suffer with a painful mouth for any longer.


There are two FORLs in this xray. One has completely eroded the crown of the premolar. These resorptions have also been called cavities, neck lesions, external or internal root resorptions, and cervical line erosions. FORLs are located usually where the gum line meets the tooth. The etiology of these lesions is unknown.


This little cat needed quite a few extractions but is feeling much better for no longer having chronic dental pain. #vet #vetlife #veterinarian

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