Case Study: Ceruminous Adenoma

Meet Min, Min is a gorgeous girl with a rare neoplastic skin disease. I have diagnosed Min with ceruminous adenoma (based on history and clinical signs). Min has had this condition for a number of years without it changing terribly much over the years. More recently however she has started scratching at her ear causing the lesions in the right ear canal to bleed.


In addition to the lesions she has in her ears, she also has lesions at the medial canthus of both eyes and along her lips. The etiology of ceruminous adenoma is unknown but may develop as the result of severe ear infections, an age related change or in some cases may be a congenital condition (i.e. they were born with it).

Ceruminous adenoma - lovely min


Ceruminous Adenomas

Ceruminous adenomas are typically small blue to black nodules or vesicles present in the external ear canals. Their malignant counterparts are more likely to be ulcerated and infiltrative rather than obstructive.


ceruminous adenoma

These adenomas are typically benign however do have the potential to obstruct the ear canal and result in chronic ear infections. I suspect this is starting to happen with Min. We are currently treating her with a course of antibiotics however my recommendation is that we perform surgery to remove the offending adenomas that are causing the problems.


In very severe cases some patients require what is called a TECA (total ear canal ablation) where the external ear canal is removed. This procedure is often performed when there are chronic severe ear infections that cannot be resolved medically. Another treatment option is carbon dioxide lazer treatment which has been successful at treating the adenomas.


I will keep you posted on Min’s progression but I thought she was interesting case that was worth posting about! Have you seen this condition before?

For more information regarding ceruminous adenomas some of the information I have referenced from Centre for Veterinary Education :

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