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For advice on how to get into vet school & what makes you employable as a new graduate

Dear New Graduate Veterinarian Class of 2017

Dear New Graduate Veterinarian Class of 2017,

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now fully qualified vets! Chances are you have been working for a few weeks or are having a much earned break before jumping into you working lives. Either way I'm so excited for you and want to welcome you once more into our fabulous veterinary community. You...
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Vet Cookbook arrives just in time for Christmas

Vet Cookbook arrives just in time for Christmas!

After coming home from another long and busy day at the veterinary hospital I was elated to see that my order of the Vet Cookbook had arrived. Many of you know that I work in busy hospital in Western Sydney. Our hospital tends to be busy all year round...
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30 Reasons Veterinarians need Veterinary Nurses

This vet nurses day I want to say a great big thank you to amazing nurses who work with me. We are a very busy practice in Sydney and each of my nurses do a brilliant job at looking after our patients and taking care of our seven veterinarians – without you we would be...
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National Veterinary Care – Dear Tomas Steenackers

I work in a female dominated industry. I come from a family of strong women. I recently read an article about a new corporate veterinary group that had me seeing red...  

The perfect exit strategy

Mr Steenackers said that 80 per cent of vets are now female and the vast majority of them...
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