50 Reasons why vet nurses are AWESOME!

I am proud to say that my nurses are some of the best, if not the best nurses a vet could ask for. They are incredibly compassionate, great fun to work with and very switched on. They care about their patients, the clients and their vets. We have a great laugh at work every day and I’m so lucky to say they are all great friends of mine! So without further ado here are my…


50 reasons why vet nurses are AWESOME!


  1. They literally put their skin on the line to keep us vets safe from the feral dog/cat/bird/ferret/mouse/guinea pig/rabbit we vets are trying to medicateReason 1
  2. They have ninja like reflexes that keep us vets safe from flying claws and teeth
  3. They know how to coax a cat out from under a set of draws/row of cages without losing a limb
  4. They know that ferrets love nutrigel and the best option is bribery!
  5. They do the best puppy/kitten head locks so that we can give their injections quickly and get it over and done with quick smart
  6. They are not afraid to help a client to the car park who is juggling multiple bags of food, fur children & furless children.
  7. They go out of their way to help their clients – if that means going and picking up a sick dog from someone’s home on their way to work or dropping it back on their way home. Dropping in to an elderly patients home to give a worming tablet. They are more than willing to help.
  8. Guinea pig hair cuts  - seriously enough saidReason 8
  9. They can smell a parvo pup a mile away
  10. One nurse can juggle three phone lines, two clients at reception & hold on to a dog all with a smile on their dial
  11. When it comes to puppies and kittens they just can’t say no to a stray looking for a home, in fact that’s the same when it comes to dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs etc
  12. They’ll (relatively) happily clean up all manner of body fluids and often joke about how much you would have to be paid to taste it…Reason 12
  13. They are not afraid to look like a fool and contort their bodies just so that we can treat our patients (think twister with a dog/cat mixed in)
  14. They are strong! Emotionally and physically – they lift heavy dogs & cats, move heavy equipment and do bicep curls with fluid bags.
  15. They provide a much needed shoulder to cry on at times for clients who have just lost their best mates
  16. They know how to give their vet’s a much needed boost, and tell us we’re awesome just when we need it.
  17. They can pre-empt when we are in dire need of chocolate or coffee, or both.
  18. They know how to party and let their hair down – they work hard and know how to have fun outside of the clinicReason 18
  19. They have a seemingly endless supply of compassion
  20. They are willing to give their time, their lunch breaks and their holidays to pick up a stray or injured wildlife to bring it into the clinic.
  21. They do their job because they love it, not because they want to be rich (because let’s face it, unfortunately vet nurses wages aren’t going to make them rich)
  22. They LOVE to pop a pimple/express an abscess – seriously, it’s fun, but they just seem to love pus…
  23. Nothing puts them off their lunch (except maybe animal cruelty) – but seriously they are not afraid to back up an enema with lunch
  24. They don’t think twice about the sleep deprivation the comes with hand raising kittensReason 24
  25. They organise us vets so that our day runs smoothly
  26. They are exceptionally good at catching dog urine even from the dogs with the dumpiest legsReason 26
  27. They are inventive – think tail bandage for the dog with nasty diarrhoea to protect their skin, splints for ferrets,
  28. They will spend hours nursing their patients
  29. When it comes to a patient in need they don’t think twice about staying back until their patient is no longer in need
  30. They are vital at helping new graduate vets settle into practice
  31. They are a sounding board for vets – think long surgeries and long conversationsreason 31
  32. They make the best of friendsReason 32
  33. They run a blood test out a seemingly minute amounts of blood just to avoid having to stick another needle in their patientReason 33
  34. They know their products and diets back to front and aren’t afraid to share their knowledge with any pet parents who will listen
  35. They know that sometimes pats and cuddles are the best medicinereason 35
  36. They want to keep learning and improving their skills
  37. What happens in the treatment room stays in the treatment room – they don’t spill the beans on the amount of butt crack that was on display when wrestling the big dog and they don’t mention the large amount of unattractive underwear that may have been on display.
  38. They have animal/veterinary contacts all over the place. If you need a home for it or need to find something, chances are they’ll know someoneReason 38
  39. Their pets are much better trained than the vets
  40. They keep pet parents calm and informed whilst us vets are in surgery and unable to talk to them
  41. Their first thought goes to challenging the Napisan guarantee on a bra that has spent a week in the stomach of a LabradorReason 41
  42. They manage to be covered in hair and yet remove hair from gowns and drapes before they go through the autoclave
  43. They forgive us vets when we accidently stab them with a needle – we would much prefer to stab ourselves, honestly we would, but thank you for not holding it against us or stabbing us back!
  44. Those fingers were made for searching – given a chocolate incentive they will find a tick on a dog in no time at all.Reason 44
  45. If there is a way to laugh about a situation, they’ll find it. Dark humour, light humour, toilet humour, you name it they’ve got it.
  46. They know when to wash a towel and when to throw it out
  47. They forgive us vets for the occasional testicle or uterus that gets caught up the drapes and has a trip through the washing machine… surprise!Reason 47
  48. They are not afraid to tuck a baby possum or kitten into the shirt or up their jumper to keep them warm until their head pad warms upReason 48
  49. They won’t give up on finding the owner of a lost dog or cat. They will keep searching and trying to find the owner even if that means finding out who manufactured the microchip, where that batch was sold and asking the vet clinic that microchipped the animal to search their records and then they call all other local vet clinics to let them know that the lost animal is at our clinic.
  50. They are just AWESOME in every sense of the word!

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  1. I love this post! I had been thinking about getting into veterinary work. It looks like everyone really enjoys their job.

    • Thanks April. All of my nurses love it. The only complaint they have is the wage but otherwise they love coming to work. They are an amazing group of people.

  2. This has reminded me why I love nursing so much. And it’s so much more fun when to vets are awesome too! Love you B xx

  3. Really is nice to be appreciated, thank-you! x

  4. I’m a vet nurse in the UK – for over twenty years – and now i’m lecturing new nurses as they train at college. I love this so much and will be sharing with all those students…. Belinda you must be an awesome vet to work with!

    • Hi Anna, Thank you so much! It’s wonderful that your new nurses are able to learn from someone with such a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for sharing! xx

  5. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
    Love this xxxx

  6. It’s lovely to see that what we do, often naturally without realising, is noticed and seen to be making a difference. It’s obviously bred into us in the industry because I’m not specifically in this text but you described myself and most of the nurses I’ve worked with!
    Thank you for appreciating your nurses 🙂

    • You are very welcome Melissa. You all do such a wonderful job. You wouldn’t be nurses if you couldn’t relate to most of it.

  7. this made me smile all the way through. And on every point, it made me reflect on how much I love my job. I think I might print this off and put it up in the prep room for when we are feeling under appreciated!

    • Thanks Cathy! I don’t think you are told enough how awesome you are at your jobs. You’re efforts don’t go unnoticed (by this vet anyway) 🙂

  8. Thank you for this. I honestly didn’t know vets liked us this much!

    PS: I’m graduating next week!

    • Congratulations on graduating next week. You are going a great profession and whilst you may not hear it enough you are very well appreciated! Don’t let anyone tell you that you are just a nurse or just a vet tech! You’re far more. Wishing you all the best with your graduation xx

  9. I have just finished my first year of my Vet Nursing qualification and I couldn’t agree with this more!
    I’ve never come across a nurse who doesn’t love every aspect of their job.
    I think Vet Nursing is the most rewarding job in the world and I am so happy that I made the decision to be part of it!

    • Congratulations on finishing your first year Brittany. Nurses are a special group of people who do a brilliant job. Sounds like you are real assest to the patients that you’ll be looking after. Good luck with the rest of your studies.

  10. Apparently all vet techs are only females. Or only the awesome ones?

    • Hey Joshua,
      All vet techs are awesome regardless of their gender!!! I judge people based on their ability to do their job, not their gender. I work with female vet techs, and given these are all my own photographs that’s why there are no pictures of male vet techs. I did not mean to offend all of you awesome male vet techs out there! Thanks for all of the hard work you do!!!! Us vet’s would be lost without you.

  11. Pat

    18+ years a vet tech and I chuckled at this and wanted to say “Thank you!” More vets need to acknowledge our skills and talents! 😀

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